Virtual Classes
will be offered again summer 2023
How to Care for Your Nutritional, Mental, Energetic & Emotional Health*
*Easily begin to meditate with bonus content: a brief, unique guided recording designed specifically to support each lecture!


Holistic Self Care 101
A thorough introduction to caring for your physical body, holistically! Concepts include establishing a mindfulness practice, measuring & managing your body’s two nutrition pillars (hydration & satiety) & reducing your unhealthy responses to stressors (such as moving, death, toxic people, etc.).

Peak Performance Energy
Learn to scan your body in order to relax tension & breathe using the entire 360 degrees of your rib cage. This class helps you master how to eat throughout the day to support your ideal weight, metabolism, performance & energy levels.

Upgrade Your Nervous System
Want to feel more centered or focused? Are you curious about how mental health & nutrition intersect? Explore each system of the human body, with special focus on how your digestive system impacts your nervous system & emotions.

Your "Personal Medicine Kit"
Learn simple tools for your “personal medicine kit” based on centuries of western & eastern science! Learn important life skills & quickly integrate them into your daily routine, for example dealing with “difficult or bad” emotions & reading nutrition labels.