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Istanbul, Turkey - December 17, 2018: Albert Einstein showing the tongue artwork on the wall

"The Field is the
Sole Governing
Body of Matter."

What is your field? What is your matter? Have you ever thought about your body like this before? 

You can create a daily experience of ease, vitality & flow  by addressing these holistic health concepts!

Laura Vervaeke

Physical Therapist & Dietitian

Hi I’m Laura. I help people improve their energy levels & sense of vitality.

My approach to holistic health includes both your body's field & it's matterOver 25 years as a medical professional, I’ve built a unique treatment system different than what traditional western medicine models offer your quality of life.
You can transform your daily experience into ease, vitality & flow! What are the goals you've been dreaming of on the daily? I'd love to support this shift.

Laura's Resume

 Holistic Medicine
transform your daily experience

 this cutting edge system deeply fosters an ability to change on a cellular level & you will feel a difference immediately. Privates held virtually.

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I came to Laura with severe anxiety. One session with her brought me back into my body, calmed my nervous system & left me feeling grounded & centered. She suggested tools that I could use to help me throughout my week. It was a very helpful & wonderful experience. 

Laura is able to see my blind spots & translate what I have trouble putting into words. She has the ability to bring out my authenticity & create a healing environment I can trust. Laura is like a Priestess to me. I love her deeply, my gratitude is deep.   

I did all my homework items, which were easy to follow and helped me progress! I would describe this approach as a way to find yourself, relax tension & reduce discomfort.


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